Société le Grand Moulin du Cameroun


Located within Douala Harbor SGMC is strategically located in a place that makes it easy to unload its various quality wheat products directly in its silos without intermediate reloading.

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Key figures

Output and storage capacities :

After its expansion taking place over the last quarter of 2012 SGMC will be equipped with a milling plant yielding a total output capacity of 600 tons of ground wheat per day.

Thanks to this expansion SGMC is meant to keep its leadership on the Cameroonese flour market, producing up to 135,000 tons of flour per year by 2017.


    • Wheat flour production and marketing

By-products :

Milling by-products are obtained after grain milling and after flour separation through sieving/sifting. They are rich in dietary fiber, proteins, mineral salts and vitamins, and are perfectly suited to animal feed needs.

The SGMC brands

SGMC produces various types of flour tailored to its customer needs: bakers, pastry makers, traditional and industrial producers, etc. It markets them under the following brand names :

  • la Française
  • la Biscuitière
  • la Boulangère
  • la DUO

Legal information

Cameroonese law corporation set up in 1991, located in Douala, with a capital of CFA5,000,000,000 (EUR7,622,450)
Corporate headquarters : BP 3509 – Douala – Cameroun

Geographic location

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